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Create a new policy for medical center

Create a new policy for medical center

Create a new policy for the medical center based on evidence using the attached Hospital Policy template which is in the down loads Explains in a professional manner the purpose of the policy in an introduction paragraph including a summary of the patient safety issue, supporting evidence, the revised PICOT question, and why it was necessary to take action.  PICOT question in the downloads

2 Explains a target population to be addressed by an intervention in enough detail that the scope is clear and what population is included or excluded.
3 Explains all of the industry specific roles, terms, and abbreviations used throughout the document in a section and in a manner that is descriptive to non-industry personnel.
4 Creates a clear description of the policy plans and goal indicating this is a quality improvement project based on a patient safety issue based on evidenced-based practices.
5 Provides instructions on every logistical step of implementation including who is involved in the process, what supplies are needed, and instructions for completing each step.
6 supports main points, assertions, arguments, conclusions, or recommendations with relevant, credible, and convincing evidence. Skillfully combines virtually error-free source citations with a perceptive and coherent synthesis of the evidence.

Paper Format: APA

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