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Confidentiality in counseling

Confidentiality in counseling

Find an article on a case or research in the area of confidentiality in counseling. You may find a case story regarding legal matter or disciplinary action about a breach of confidentiality or find a peer reviewed article regarding research in this area.  Must be 3 pages explain the details, the dilemma(study)  and consequences (results), your perspective on the matter.   Include the citation



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            Confidentiality is the ethical concept that compels a counselor to keep a client’s closest thoughts and feels within the counseling room. Thus Professional counselors are ethically bound to uphold confidentiality, are mandated reporters, and have a duty to warn. Counselors form a unique bond involving trust and communication in any counseling relationship, and they have a duty to uphold the confidentiality of the information discussed in counseling sessions. Various aspects factor into an effective counseling relationshi…….


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