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Company Research worksheet

Company Research worksheet

I opening up my own Daycare and I live in Alabama
  1. Choose a company that you would like to work for either in the immediate future or down the road.
  2. Conduct research to gain some insight into what they have to offer. Your research must feature at least two quality sources of information about the company.
  3. You will need to speak with someone at the company you selected and ask them 5 questions of your choosing.
  4. Complete the. E242_Module_04_Company_Research_worksheek_rvsd.docx
  • Points will be deducted for each question that is not answered. It is in your best interest to do the research.
  • A telephone call can be used as a source, however be sure to gather the person’s name, telephone number, and title as well as the company name.



……………..Answer Preview……………..

Name of company: Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Location of headquarters: State of Alabama

Number of employees: 10,000 employees from all branches globally, 500 employees from the state of Alabama.

Revenue of Company ($): Approximately $ 7 million a month.

Company website address: www.upsidedownhomeschooling.com

Does the company post job openings on its website?   Yes or No. Yes, whenever there are vacancies in the institution.

How does this company recruit for positions?

Interested members usually contact the contacts in the website; it is then that they are informed about interview occasions and recruitment….

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