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Community Relations Strategies

Community Relations Strategies

We have talked at length this week about prejudice and racial issues in law enforcement. Now, we will apply these ideas and plan ways to avoid problems related to these issues. In a 2-3 page Essay:

    • Describe five (5) methods that can be used by law enforcement to improve its relationship with multicultural communities.
    • Then, using your own community as an example, create and describe a general plan using each of the methods you have described. You may name specific groups in your community.
    • Describe how you imagine a scenario, using these plans, would work.   You may wish to review some of the projects done by the Vera Institute of Justice to see some sample plans.

Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format





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Prejudice and racial issues in law enforcement should be avoided at all costs. The American law enforcement needs to be strong, caring and with no form of bias. Law enforcement officers need to interact with the members of the community at rather personal levels to allow the process of law enforcement………..


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