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Discussion: Virtual Communication

Discussion: Virtual Communication

4-2 Discussion: Virtual Communication

For this discussion, think about how communication plans and methods are affected when some project team members or stakeholders are in a different location.

Then, make a post that answers the following questions:

Have you been a part of a virtual team or do you have experience communicating with a virtual team? What methods did you use for communication? Were they successful? What were the challenges? Explain.
Think about the communication plan you just created. What changes would you need to make to your plan if the development team in the scenario was a remote or virtual team in a different city in the same time zone? Explain.
What if your team or part of your team was in a different country? Would that need more changes in your communication management plan? Explain.
In your responses to your peers, address the following questions:

Compare your experience working with or in a remote team. How was your experience in using different communication methods similar or different? Did you face the same challenges?
Do you agree with your peers’ strategies for managing virtual teams? Explain your reasoning and identify any risks you think may arise due to the changes.

1 to 2 paragraphs

Paper Format: APA

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Discussion: Virtual Communication


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