Define the main methods of non-verbal communication

Define the main methods of non-verbal communication

You are likely familiar with the concept of body language. The text details sensory, spatial, and territorial influences on effective non-verbal communication. Now that you have explored these and additional non-verbal communication methods, in a double spaced, APA formatted document, write a 2-3 page paper (not including the title or reference pages) considering the following:

Define the main methods of nonverbal communication.

Use the following scenario in your paper to better illustrate non-verbal communication:

Maria, a parole officer, just called parolee Alex back into her office.

Alex missed his visit last month.

When asked why, he began looking around the room and lost eye contact with parole officer, Maria.

What can this tell us?


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Non-verbal communication is the type of communication that involves the use of body language as opposed to the use of words to relay a message. This means that one uses their body to make gestures and the body movements are the way one communicates. Body movements that can be interpreted as communication…..


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