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Combining Companies

Combining Companies
  • Imagine you are an administrator for a growing company. Your company decides to purchase another company that designs and manufactures components used in the widgets that your company designs, manufactures, and sells. Both companies have an Active Directory infrastructure. Suggest a strategy that includes the components that you would need to put in place to combine the two (2) companies in a way that allows the employees of your company to access the resources in the purchased company and vice versa.
  • Suppose you configure the two (2) companies from the first part of this discussion in a way that allows you to access the resources of the other company. Describe the methods or technologies you would use to protect those resources so that only authorized users can access the necessary resources. Provide a rationale for chosen methods / technologies.


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The main issue here is to ensure that users of both companies can successfully log into the domains and successfully get authenticated. The best way to achieve this is to let one company to merge into the other. Normally there exists a few ways to achieve this and the best one is to come up with a new forest and then merge both company’s resources into one using…..

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