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Cases in Strategic Management

Cases in Strategic Management

MGMT 499: Cases in Strategic Management
Individual Project 2: SpaceX.
Each student will indivually prepare a written case analysis on “SpaceX”. This case is included in the
loose-leaf course textbook under “MGMT 499 Full-Length Cases”
The following points will guide you in writing your individual report:

  • The time period is the one covered by the case. No outside research is allowed.
  • Discussion and cooperation with others are not allowed.
  • The Turnitin Similarity score for this assignment must be less than 20%.
  • Make use of concepts and theories from the course textbook. You need not cite the text directly nor should
    you explain/develop the concepts or theories. Please assume that I have knowledge and understanding of
    management theories. Simply make the logical connections between the concept or theory and the case issue to
    which it applies.
  • Use the perspective of a consulting team (no first person). Pretend that your audience is the CEO or Board of
    Directors. Thus, your audience is familiar with all the facts of the case; do not waste time restating case
    data. Your objective is to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions, make recommendations and projections that are
    unique and must be explained and justified.
  • The case must be typed, 12-pt. font, double-spaced, and be at most 10 pages in length (excluding cover page,
    exhibits, or appendices) and follow APA format (APA is the College of Management standard, so you should
    be familiar with it.).
  • Your report should be well organized, succinct, and well written. The report should read as a unified piece of
    work and flow smoothly. It should be easy to read and understand.
  • In your report, please clearly indicate the topics you are addressing.
  • Number pages consecutively from beginning of document to the end.
  • PROOFREAD! In addition to content, grammar, spelling, and style are important!
  • I will take off points for not following these guidelines and for submitting sloppy reports.
    For each item below, the following rubric will be used for scoring:
    Weak (0-.6):
    Major topic is present, but
    major items are omitted,
    presented without justification,
    or inaccurately described.
    Acceptable (.7 – .8)
    Every sub-topic is present.
    Course concepts used accurately,
    Justification of conclusions
    obviously based on data analysis.
    Strong (.9 – 1):
    Every sub-topic is covered thoroughly
    yet concisely.
    Conclusions are specific and well
    supported, with details and examples
    used to illustrate the concepts.
    The sum of the following items is worth 10 points
    Criteria (scaled as noted for each major topic) Weak Adequate Excellent
    The report should cover the following 10 topics
    1, Define and justify the business level strategy of the analyzed
    2, External Environment Analysis (PESTEL analysis)
    3, Industry Analysis ( Five Forces analysis)
    4, Internal analysis of the firm’s core competencies
    5, Internal analysis of firm’s value chain. Identify which value
    chain activities are creating value for the firm
    6, Summary of strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, and
    external threats
    7, Based on the identified strengths, weaknesses, market
    opportunities and external threats for topic 6, list and justify
    two key strategic issues. These might be different from those
    identified by the managers in the case.
    8, Most important or highest priority issue – Explain why the
    chosen strategic issue, out of the two identified for topic 7, is
    the key strategic issue for the company.
    9, Strategic alternatives: Given the strategic issue identified for
    topic 8, examine 3 different strategic alternatives that might
    be pursued by the firm and are discussed by the textbook
    (also discuss advantages/disadvantages). Generic alternatives
    are NOT acceptable (hire consultant, market study, etc.).
    10, Recommendation: Which one of the three alternatives
    discussed for topic 9 do you recommend for the firm? Why
    do you make that recommendation? What are the risks (think
    about which stakeholders might be affected)?
    Again, deductions will be taken based on typos, word usage, grammar, or incomplete sentences. Also, deductions
    will be made if the assignment is not in proper APA format

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Cases in Strategic Management


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