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The complexity of ethical issues in society

The complexity of ethical issues in society

Capital Punishment

You and your classmates have been learning about and discussing the complexity of ethical issues in society. Your assignment is to produce an audio or video presentation that examines the complex ethical issue you have chosen to discuss over that last three weeks based on the following scenario:


As the producer and correspondent of a television or radio news magazine (like “60 Minutes,” “VICE” or “All Things Considered”), you have been assigned to deliver an informative 12-minute segment on one of the contemporary issues you and you classmates have been discussing during the past three weeks. Corporate policy requires that you consider insights from two or more academic disciplines for example: nursing and social work, or philosophical ethics, psychology, and biology. (Note: These are only examples—you are free to choose your own disciplines!) Corporate policy also requires that you interview credible representatives of at least two distinct positions on the issue. You need not remain neutral on the issue. In fact, you are expected to state and defend your own position with clear reasoning in your own words.

You will choose which of the complex social issues to present here. The intended audience for your segment is the public—intelligent but perhaps uninformed. Take this opportunity to engage them on an issue that matters to you.


Explain the selected contemporary issue, with reference to practical instances.

Describe the relevant contributions to the issue from at least two different academic disciplines.

Explain at least two distinct positions on the issue.

Defend one’s personal ethical position on the issue.

Create a video or audio presentation that reports on a contemporary social issue from multiple perspectives.

You may produce the assignment in either of following two formats.

Option One

Produce a video segment. You should appear as the correspondent, but you may enlist family and friends to play other parts. You might even take on distinct roles yourself, in a video “selfie” where you consider the alternatives accurately. Kaltura is available to you through Capella. However, you may use any device or software of your choice, so long as you are able to submit the work to your instructor for assignment.

Check the Capella Academic Skills page for more resources on:

Using Kaltura [PDF].

Option Two

Produce an audio segment, like a radio program or a podcast. You will be the correspondent, but you are welcome to invite others to participate or record yourself in different roles. You may record the audio in any way that suits you. Make sure to submit the audio file or a link to it as the submission for assignment.

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The complexity of ethical issues in society


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