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BUS450 Final Paper

BUS450 Final Paper

Due by Day 7. Final Paper. The complete instructions for the Final Paper can be found in Week Five of your online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide.



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            Monetary system is the way a country provides money to its people. In this paper we are discussing monetary system of Kenya, a country in Africa and with the strongest economy in East Africa region. The monetary system in the country is influenced by various factors. The paper will therefore, discuss the monetary system, describe the major components of the monetary system, describe the currency exchange rate and its impacts, analyze the issues around the economic exposure, transactional exposure and translational exposure and finally recommend it to investors whether they should sell futures or options in that current. The Kenyan economy is by all means a stable economy with an undeniable future for growth.

History of Kenyan currency

            The Kenyan currency was introduced in the 1800’s to 1850’s. This was when Maria thalers were introduced at the Kenyan coast. The thaler, which was a silver coin, was used by the British merchants and Asians, and they are the ones who introduced…


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