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Managing school bureaucracy.

Managing school bureaucracy.

Assignment Details: Topic: managing school bureaucracy.

Complete 2 Stars & a Wonder by reading an article and commenting on 2 important points and one you have a question about

This week, we will be covering assessments in education and I found what I hope will be an interesting article to all. Dr. Mo explained how important assessments are, not only in education but in everything we do. We have to be able to measure and understand if what we are doing is correct and working or if we need to make changes.

My first star goes to the number one question that Dr. Miles says teachers ask her, “What type of assessments they should be focusing on to better understand their students’ needs” (Miles, 2022, para. 1). Of course the answer, as Dr. Miles explains, is that it depends. 

That is what this article is about. Assessments are useful before, after, and during teaching, and they can help answer multiple questions like what students need help on, what is working for students, and so on.

My second star goes to formative assessments because, as Dr. Miles explains, “formative assessments provide the most meaningful day-to-day information and insights into what individual students need to be successful” (Miles, 2022, para. 1). In fact, Miles (2022) states that “formative feedback (be it more formal like a quiz – or informal, like a thumbs-up) should be used daily to inform instruction and planning” (para. 14). A simple thumbs-up or a quiz can let a teacher know whether students are understanding the subject, whether the pace needs to be faster or slower, or whether re-teaching is required.

Finally, my wonder comes from Dr. Miles’s statement about growth, “It’s perfectly common for students to show growth yet still miss the idealized targets of proficiency or mastery. Focusing on growth is encouraging and validates the students’ hard work as they show progress on their individual learning journey” (Miles, 2022, para. 27). I wonder how many teachers, school administrators, and parents focus on the educational growth of the students and not just grades or standardized state assessments?


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Managing school bureaucracy


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