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The Book of Job – Essay questions

The Book of Job – Essay questions

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1. The Book of Job is sometimes characterized as a lesson about how, according to Hebrew culture, we ought to behave in the face of life’s difficulties. In addition, it seems to present a significant position regarding the proper relationship between humanity and the divine. Yes? Comment and explain.

2. Common conceptions of justice usually include the ideas that evil is punished and goodness is rewarded. Bad peoplesuffer because they are bad and good people enjoy happiness and prosperity because they are good. However, The Book of Job seems to challenge this understanding of justice. Right? Maybe it only appears that way. Comment and explain.

3. Job must deal with the death of his loved ones. We have seen Gilgamesh and Achilles also face the demise of their dear friends. In what ways is the situation for Job similar or different from these other cases? How does his reaction and response to death compare with those of Gilgamesh and/or Achilles? And, what might this reveal about how the overall cultures relate to one another in their way of understanding concepts like life, death, and family?



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It is a fact that when you read through the book of Job is characterized as a lesson about how. This book emphasizes on how we are supposed to behave when we are face difficulties in our lives. Yes it is true that this book show the proper relationship that exist between humanity and divine. We see that Job faced by many problems where he loses everything including his ten children he had in life. However, he does not lose his faith in God (Gordis, 1965). He remains faithful to God believing that God will end his suffering. As we…


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