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Biblical Perspectives Paper

Biblical Perspectives Paper

This final paper is to be 4.5 – 5 pages in length.  The margins and font should be standard 1 inch margins and 12 point font.  You can choose either a Chicago style or MLA style of citation.  Either way, you must be consistent throughout the paper.  However, you can write the paper with outside sources.


It is due at the final exam.  You must bring a physical copy of the paper to me for it to be graded.  I will not grade an emailed copy of the paper.


This paper is a close reading of a biblical passage of your choosing.  Specifically, the paper is your interpretation of the passage by employing the varied tools learned this semester in the course.  Please choose a passage that is small enough to address the important issues in the length assigned.  If in doubt, please contact me about the choice of your biblical passage.


As you begin this process, please ask and address the following questions:


What is the historical context of the book (containing your passage) under review?  Who wrote it?  Who was the audience?  Why was it written?


What is the genre of the passage?  How does that affect how you read the passage?  Does it affect your understanding of the passage?  If so, how?


How does the specific passage you are analyzing fit into the overall structure and message of the rest of the book?  In other words, what role does it play in the overall literary construction of the book as a whole?


Are there any textual critical issues that affect your reading of the passage?  Explain if needed.


How does historical analysis illuminate the specific passage?  How does a historical approach help you understand the passage better?


What literary features are in the text?  Why are those features there?  How do you interpret the text in light of those literary features (for example, if the passage contains poetry, how does that affect the reading)?


What is the overall focus of the individual parts of your passage?  What is the passage trying to relate to the reader or audience?  Make sure you walk through each part of your passage in detail.  This is the most important part of the paper and should include a lot of details.  Your analysis should methodically analyze each part of the passage and make assessments about the meaning and significance of the text.


What are the varied interpretations of your passage?  Be specific!  Why are there various interpretations?  Identify strengths and weaknesses of each interpretation.  Which one do you think is most persuasive and why?


What are the most unusual features of the passage?  Are there any difficult or unclear aspects of the passage?  If so, what are the possible interpretations?  What interpretation do you choose and why?  Be very specific here!


Are there any parallel passages in the biblical text that directly relate to your text?  If so, how do those direct parallels affect your understanding of your text?  Do the other passages help clarify or do they cause confusion in some way?  Explain.


Explain how any of your readings this semester affect your understanding of your passage (i.e. Ellen Davis, et al).




You will be graded based on the following criteria:


  1. Clarity of writing in the interpretation of the chosen passage.


  1. Insightfulness of your interpretation of the passage.


  1. Usage of the interpretive tools learned this semester.


  1. Critical evaluation of a variety of possible interpretations of the passage.


  1. Identification of historical and cultural issues relevant to interpreting the text.


  1. Identification and interpretation of the significant literary aspects of the passage.


  1. Specificity of the arguments developed in your paper.


  1. Usage of the specifics of the biblical passage in support of your arguments.


  1. Usage of class readings for insight into the interpretation of the passage.


  1. Completion of the paper according to the instructions presented above.





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Biblical Perspectives Paper



            The passage I have chosen is about Passover that is found in Exodus “On the same night I will pass through…………………this day you are to commemorate for generations to come (exodus 12: 12-14)” We will interpret this passage through answering various questions.

            Passover is one of the historical events that is well elaborated in the bible. It was kept on the specific night that the Angle of God killed all the firstborn sons of Egypt. During this time the Israelites were commanded by God to remember this day every year as a memorial of their deliverance (Exodus 12: 12-14.) Therefore, the blood of the Passover lamb signified protection and mercy from God to all his…

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