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Audience, Context, and Email

“Audience, Context, and Email” Please respond to the following:

  • Being able to send appropriate, professional emails is a vital skill in today’s workplace. When considering audience and context, determine why it is so important to know to whom you are writing and for what specific purpose you are sending the email communication.
  • Describe an example of a workplace or personal email communication in which the sender (you or someone else) did not pay close attention to audience and context. Ascertain the consequences. Determine how the miscommunication might have been avoided.




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E-.mail is actually a popular and easy way of communication especially to our friends, family and workplace. However, we should always consider  the people we are sending to in order to know the best way of writing to them For instance, you cannot write an email to your colleagues at work place the same with your friends or family members( Goutam, 2013). It is quite important to know the person who you are writing for as well as to the purpose of sending that email. This will help you to know which tone to use..


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