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Age Discrimination at Workplace

“Short” research paper

You pick the topic.

Argument – prove something – thesis statement appropriate for an argument essay

5 paragraphs 7 sentences per paragraph

Body points



Argument (topic sentence)

Examples, support, facts, statistics, experts (CITED!!)

LOTS of paraphrasing – short quotes if needed (5% can be quotes.)

Quotes give credibility. Paraphrases indicate understanding.

Both quotes and paraphrases are cited. Anything that doesn’t come from your head!

At least 3 sources. (I recommend more).

Make sure your sources are credible!




…………….Answer Preview…………..

For a long period there has been an ongoing debate concerning age discrimination in the workplace. It is a fact that this debate will continue as many younger workers are taking positions forcing the elderly to leave their position. Today, no matter how experienced or talented one is the age seem to be taking over in different places.  There those who feel that young people are more energized and well advanced in technology than the elderly one. However, there are those who feel that the elderly have much experience….


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