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Historical imagination

Historical imagination

We have studied the rise of famous civilizations. Now, we will utilize what we have learned, as well as what a famous historian named Collingwood called historical imagination, to make some forecasts about our future.

In one or two paragraphs (totaling at least 250 words), address at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you think civilization is worth the price in blood and treasure?
  • Are cultures that do not have cities inherently better off?
  • Are we destined to live in cities forever?
  • How can humans enjoy the benefits of urban life without crowding, crime, and alienation?
  • How can we use history to inform our vision of the future?
  • How might the sense of cultural perspective you’ve gained from this class and the idea of historical imagination inform your thinking within the context of your chosen profession





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  1. Do you think civilization is worth the price in blood and treasure?

According to Herzog (2011), civilization can be defined as the advancement of the human population in terms of culture, political and economic aspect, religious beliefs and science in a particular period of time. When a society is civilized there is some sense of togetherness among the people of a particular society as opposed to when a given society lives in barbarism. Different types of civilizations have existed in…


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