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Public order crimes

Public order crimes

This week’s reading provides overview of the research on public order crimes, international crimes and comparative criminology. After reviewing the reading for week 6, as well as the week 6 discussion articles in the lesson for this week, discuss/debate with your classmates your position on which factors you feel play a greater role pertaining to the problems associated with public order crimes like illegal drug use, and prostitution; as well as with various transnational crimes such as money laundering. Discuss with your classmates possible solutions to the problems of illegal drug use, and illegal prostitution. In doing so, present a drug-control strategy that you believe would work. Defend your recommendations citing studies and/or other academic research.

Instructions: min 500 words intext citations from at least 2 sources




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Some upheavals that are detrimental to any given state are such as drug abuse, prostitution and terrorism. Some of the problems

Factors leading to public order claims

There exists several upheavals in the country. Hiss, of course is spearheaded by several factors. For every public crimes that are a great problem to the society, they are stimulated by several factors which may create the favorable environment for them to occur. Some of these factors are as outline below….


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