Film Reaction Paper – Waco

Film Reaction Paper – Waco

The documentary film WACO depicts in details the conflict between the Branch Davidians living in a compound near Waco, Texas and local, state, and federal law enforcement.  The Branch Davidians and their activities in Waco are viewed by larger society as deviant.  As you view the film list the acts of deviance you observe and make note of how law enforcement reacts.  Make sure you understand the definition of deviance and social control.  After viewing the film please write a response addressing the following.  (Ranging from 2 sentences to 1 or 2 paragraphs)

1.  1Summarize what happened in Waco Texas during this incident.  Be factual and brief like you would if writing a news story.

2.  2Describe the key behavior of deviance on the part of the members and leaders of the Branch Davidians.  What is deviant about their way of life?  What does dominant culture find so unacceptable.

3.  3Describe the way the law enforcement officials respond to the deviance described above.  What various means of social control do they utilize?  How effective are they?  Why?

4.  4Note that the conflict goes beyond law enforcement and the Davidians.  A conflict also arises between the hostage negotiators and the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) personnel.  Describe the conflict and how the sub-cultures (mainly ideas or values) of each group cause them to behave in very different ways from each other.

5.  5Complete your response by indicating what mistakes in judgment were made and what might have avoided the tragedy if anything.

Please address clearly all of the areas outlined.  Make sure your responses are detailed and free from errors.




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From the documentary, what happened in Waco was a raid by the ATF on a compound in Waco Texas. The ATF had suspected a religious group by the name Branch Davidians of having fire arms and they decided to search the premises. However, based on the documentary, they were not able to enter into the premises as a fierce gun battle broke out killing four of the ATF officers and Seven of the Branch Davidians. The AFT….


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