Nursing competencies

Nursing competencies

The National League for Nursing (NLN) has described eight competencies that all nurse educators should possess. As you are nearing the end of your educational program in nursing education, it is time that you take stock and decide which of these competencies you already meet and which ones you still need to accomplish.After reading chapter 2 in Nurse Educator Competencies: Creating an Evidence-Based Practice for Nurse Educators, reflect on Competency 1- Facilitate Learning and the associated behaviors as related to your practicum experience. How are you meeting, or how will you meet, this competency in your practicum? Are there behaviors that you have not thought about, but need to include in your teaching repertoire? How are you meeting, or what do you need to do to meet, this competency as you move through your practicum? If this competency is something that you will not have an opportunity to complete in your practicum experience, how might you meet it if you had a position as an educator in any setting?

Note This question is specific to each nurses own experiences in nursing. It is easy to make something up. I work in a hospital on many different floors, however a medical surgical floor is my main floor. This question focuses on what I as a nurse educator would need to do to become successful.




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