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Gangs in Society

Gangs in Society


Review the article titled “The Impact of Gangs on Communities” located here. Be prepared to discuss.

From the first e-Activity, identify at least three (3) specific attributes
that lead to gang violence within a community. Discuss the impact that these
attributes exert on citizens.

Discuss the fundamental way in which peer groups influence adolescent
behavior and delinquency. Identify the main reasons why youths choose to join
gang and, predict the overall impact of gang delinquency to society. Justify
your response.


Respond to following statement response must include at least on question:

A teenager will join a gang for a variety of reasons, they want to make
friends, they don’t have a family so the gang members would be their family,
their family isn’t paying attention to them, they want to do what their friends
are doing, or they want to be in a life of crime because it looks “cool” from
what they see on TV and in music. My brother is 10 years older than me so when I
was 6 or 7 years old he was around 16 or 17, he joined a gang. I remember my
mother yelled at him because he had bruises on his face because he was “jumped”
in the crips gang. We lived in a suburban area, an area you wouldn’t expect to
have gang ties. Eventually we moved, and he was no longer affiliated with the
gang. I remember asking him why he joined he said he joined because all his
friends were a part of it and he at the time he looked up to some of the men in
the gang as a mentor because he didn’t have a male figure in his life. My father
died at a young age and my brother didn’t have a positive male role model to
look up too which was one of the reasons why he joined the gang. I believe that
youth today join the gang for the same reasons. The overall impact of gang
delinquency is society will lead a youth down the wrong path, they could
potentially sell drugs, rob someone, or even murder someone if they are told to
do that and the young person will get caught.



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