Global Marketing Plan part 2

With this final paper, you will complete the Global Marketing Plan Part 2 for your mentor company that you began working on in Week 2 of this course. (Mentor Company is FEDEX)

In your paper, address the following directives using the headings below:

Under an Executive Summary heading,

  • Summarize the rational of your plan.

Under an Environmental Analysis heading,

  • Analyze the environmental situation of your mentor company in the global arena based on economic, trade, social and cultural, political, legal, and regulatory factors.

Under a General Strategy heading,



Please, Please, Please Read the instructions. All I need is for this paper to have an abstract, Executive Summary, conclusion and visuals such as data Fig with reference. This is the Feedback from my instructor. (*Overall, the APA was missing the abstract, executive summary, conclusion and where were the visuals? *) At least 3 visuals Please. The paper is completed it’s missing a few things. I will upload the paper.

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