Gamer Threats of Retribution

Debate the issue here:

Your task is to review the information provided in the articles below and offer your conclusions as whether these actions constitute cyber-terrorism, or terrorism at all, and, if so, why. Of course, that necessitates starting with the definition you are using and explaining why it is an appropriate one.  You might want to check Washington state’s criminal definition of terrorism, which was passed in 2001, but it’s not necessary so long as you are using a viable definition.

There is no “right” answer here, merely “right” analytic approach to reach an answer.


The articles (websites) 

Bungie Now Suing ‘Destiny 2’ Cheaters, Copyright Trolls, Ban Evaders And Serial Harassers ( to an external site.

Bungie sues ‘Destiny 2’ player over alleged threats and cheating ( to an external site.

Bungie Sues Destiny 2 Streamer For Repeatedly Cheating And Harassing Its Employees ( to an external site.



I have attached the insturction and the articles which are website links. 

in addition, I have attached answer of one of my classmates to this assignment. It may be will help you. 

In this assignment I need 2 things: 

1- See the instruction mention above and do one page to answer that. 

2- See my classmate response and give her any feedback for her answer. for one page as well. 

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