Case Study #4 State Actors of Terrorism

Perform a critical analysis case study in depth of one country (not detailed in the text) with current or recent terrorism activity.

Set the stage with the narrative (Who, What, When, Where), and provide your Master’s level analysis (How, Why…) and evaluation (So What [why is this important to the study of “terrorism”]). 

Provide sufficient scholarly references to support your conclusions. The research concept of “triangulation” is an appropriate strategy (seeking a coherent preponderance of verified evidence).

Elaborate on how you personally evaluated the veracity (truthfulness) of the sources. 

Attached are 2 files which are the case studies of my classmates, go through them please and do my assignment similar to the attached file, do not steal any things form attached file please and make sure to write the abstract in addition to the other elements of the case study 

make sure it is APA format and no plagiarism please and try to get a review references please 

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